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UAE Residence Visa

What are the advantages of having resident visa in UAE? Are you eligible?

UAE has indeed unique and comprehensive resident visa regime in place. Let’s have a look at some specifics to get a better understanding how it works. Basically, holder of the UAE resident visa has permission to live/reside in UAE for the period of validity of the issued visa.

There are several types of visa, each providing some additional rights and limitations:

  • Student visa – Student visas are for individuals enrolled in educational institutions in the UAE;
  • Dependent visa – Given to dependents of residents, such as spouses, children, and other family members;
  • Mission visa – Granted for individuals visiting the UAE for official missions, conferences, or government-related activities, also for commercial purposes – projects requiring certain expertise;
  • Employment visa – Issued to foreign nationals sponsored by a UAE employer. It allows them to work and reside in the country;
  • Partner/Investor visa – Available to foreign investors and business partners in a UAE company;
  • Domestic Helper Visa – For individuals employed as domestic helpers by UAE residents;
  • Golden visa – Introduced to attract investors, skilled professionals, and outstanding students. It provides long-term residency to qualifying individuals.

Validity of the visa varies from standard 2 years up to 10 years for Golden visa.

All visa applicants need to pass medical fitness test (blood test for HIV detection and x-ray for TBC) and biometrics for visa and Emirates ID to be issued.

UAE issues time to time suspensions/bans for visa issuance for certain nationalities and individuals considered as risk to national security of UAE. List of nationalities on “black list” are not publicly available and are subject to change (mostly African nationalities involved).

What are the advantages of being a holder of UAE resident visa?

  • Right to reside in UAE for validity of the visa;
  • Can be authorized signatories for companies at local UAE banks;
  • Availability of full range of local services such as postpaid telecom services, salary/current/savings bank accounts, 
  • UAE driving license.

The easiest ways to obtain UAE resident visa are:

  • Employment in UAE;
  • Purchase of real estate property in UAE;
  • Founding a company in UAE.

If you find this interesting, please contact us and take advantage of the opportunity for an initial free consultation.