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Real Estate Advisory

What should you know about property ownership in the UAE? How to avoid unnecessary mistakes in property ownership?

Whether you are planning to buy or already own property in the United Arab Emirates, whether for personal use or investment purposes, you are in the right place.

As a licensed corporate services provider operating in Dubai since 2017, clients often turn to us for assistance in navigating the complex web of local regulations and customs related to property ownership in the United Arab Emirates. During this period, we have had the opportunity to identify the most common mistakes people make, largely due to a lack of information and often artificially created time pressure.

For this reason, we would like to offer you our real estate advisory services, which will help you avoid these unnecessary mistakes and poor decisions.

We provide comprehensive advice related to the purchase, sale, and rental of property in the UAE, including:

  • Consultation on the form of property ownership (private or corporate ownership), including a comparison of their pros and cons;
  • Questions regarding the payment of the purchase price/installments to the developer in the UAE (whether by bank transfer or check) in dirhams (AED);
  • Investor residency visas for property owners in the UAE, including the so-called “Golden visa”;
  • Selection of a credible licensed real estate agent in the UAE;
  • Drafting legal documents (powers of attorney, wills, resolutions of general meetings, etc.);
  • Assistance with legal procedures for the purchase, sale, or rental of property in the UAE;
  • Basic specifics of property ownership or leasing in the UAE.

If you find this offer interesting, please contact us and take advantage of the opportunity for an initial free consultation.