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Doing Business Abroad

Searching for suitable destination to complement your business activities abroad? Are you in need of establishing service center, distribution hub or trading company for your businesses abroad in prestigious and stable destination with attractive tax regime?

Did you know?

Free zone companies are subject to limitations on conducting business within the UAE mainland. If your business activities require engagement with the local market outside the Free zone, additional approvals or partnerships are necessary. There are also tax implications related thereto.

If you want to do business abroad using your UAE based company, Free zone company is the way to go.

The key advantages of doing business abroad using Free zone company are:

  • Attractive taxation at 0 % for Corporate Tax,
  • Distant business setup, no personal visit in UAE is required,
  • Simplified Regulatory Procedures and streamlined administrative processes,
  • Direct access to Strategic Markets as many Free zones are strategically located near major transportation hubs,
  • Flexibility in Operations in terms of business activities, making them suitable for a wide range of industries,
  • Asset Protection and Confidentiality.