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Business Setup in the UAE

Tailor-made company formation services you can trust

What kind of UAE company is the right match for you?

UAE offers several options for company setup, which of the three options below best describes your proposed business conduct?

Doing Business in the UAE

Recommended for:

  • Doing business within UAE, with unrestricted access to the local UAE market.


  • Access to premises in mainland UAE
  • High visa quota
  • Ideal for doing business with UAE clients
  • Strong local substance (for tax purposes)

Exporting Goods & Services Abroad

Recommended for:

  • Exporting good and services outside of UAE.


  • Fast and flexible setup
  • Access to premises in Freezones
  • Ideal for doing business with clients only from abroad

Holding or Real Estate Investment

Recommended for:

  • Structured investment and protection of assets.


  • Optimal for holding assets in UAE and abroad (incl. real estate)
  • High level of privacy
  • Prestigious jurisdiction


Once you fill out simple questionnaire, we will provide you indicative offer for chosen UAE business setup based on your needs and requirements. Our prices start at:


Starting from

2.000 USD

  •  Low incorporation costs
  •  Can be used to hold assets (including real estate) in UAE and abroad
  •  No access to UAE banking facilities and resident visa
  •  Lack of economic substance in UAE


Starting from

6.465 USD

  •  Fast and straightforward incorporation
  •  Access to UAE banking facilities, resident visa
  •  Ideal for doing business abroad
  •  0% Corporate tax in UAE
  •  Not allowed to conduct business in UAE (outside of the Free zone)


Starting from

8.000 USD

  •  Strong local substance
  •  Can do business both in UAE and abroad
  •  Access to UAE banking facilities, resident visa
  •  0% Corporate tax in UAE for first 100.000 USD of tax base, 9% onwards
  •  Permitted to own real estate in UAE (in all emirates)
  •  Longer incorporation

More Services

In addition to our key competence we assist you with further services for you and your business. Choosing the right business license, visa support, assistance with bank account opening, accounting, will drafting and beyond.

UAE Visa Assistance

Our expert team provides extensive support for various UAE visa categories, streamlining the application process for clients and their employees…

Bank Account Opening

Simplifying the complexities of business banking in Dubai, our services assist clients in opening and managing their business bank accounts…

Accounting, Tax & Audit

Our dedicated accounting team manages financial records, handles VAT compliance, and conducts audits to guarantee financial transparency…

Real Estate Advisory

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, our advisory services guide clients in making informed decisions…

Will Drafting and Registration

We understand the significance of succession planning. Our professional services extend to drafting and registering wills…

Business Development B2B

Focused on catalyzing business growth, our Business-to-Business (B2B) development initiatives create opportunities for partnerships…

HR services, Salary management and processing

Navigate the complexities of human resource management effortlessly with our specialized HR services in the UAE…

Project management

With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we ensure timely delivery, cost-effective solutions, and unparalleled quality for…

What might interest you

How do I register my business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

Setting up your business in the UAE can be a little daunting to outsiders. You will need to decide on your business activity, business structure, company type and jurisdiction; incorporate your company, apply for residence visas and set up your corporate bank account.

We at INCORPORTAS can assist you with the various requirements and regulations.

Can foreigners setup a company in UAE?

Yes! With its advantageous taxation policies, a business-friendly environment, high standards of living, and excellent connectivity, the UAE is the top destination in the Middle East for investors and entrepreneurs looking to invest and grow their business.

When can I start the residence visa application

You may start the residence visa application only after the immigration (establishment) card is issued. After the company is incorporated, it takes 3- 5 working days for the immigration (establishment) card to be issued.

When can I start the bank account application?

Your UAE bank account application will only start once you’re physically present in the UAE and have met the banks’ representatives. This is applicable for both corporate and individual bank accounts.


Our core business is in the setup and administration of corporate entities in the UAE and providing assistance with bank account opening, UAE residency visa, accounting, VAT, Audit, Corporate tax submissions. Apart of that we also provide services related to real estate assistance and drafting of various deeds.

We provide the advisory and execution of the incorporation of onshore entities across major Free zones and Mainland in the UAE, as well as UAE-based offshore companies.

At INCORPORTAS, we are committed to professionalism, integrity, and a personalized approach, all aimed at establishing enduring long-term partnerships.

Miloslav Makovini

Executive Director

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