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Accounting, Tax & Audit

Is your UAE company fully compliant with local regulations?

Our vast years of experience in consultancy, financial sector (including big 4) and law provided us unique insight into needs of the most demanding clients who expect certain level of services – matching European standards.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy task to accomplish in UAE, relied mostly on outsourcing from third world countries.

At INCORPORTAS we decided to rise to the challenge and assembled team of professionals to ensure quality and oversight of provided services.   

We offer following services:

  • Professional accounting services,
  • VAT registration and quarterly VAT returns,
  • Corporate tax registration and annual submission of CT return,
  • Transfer pricing documentation,
  • Audit (Statutory and Sales Audit).

We strongly advise our clients to rather anticipate the events than just follow the trends. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet the diverse financial requirements of businesses, fostering transparency and adherence to regulatory standards. This allows clients to focus on doing business and leave back-office paperwork for us.

Basic package for small company starts at 14.000 AED (3.500 USD) annually and consists of Corporate Tax/VAT registration and submissions, Accounting and Audit.

If you find this interesting, please contact us and take advantage of the opportunity for an initial free consultation.